Plastic Surgery in Children

Plastic surgery is a very wide specialty not restricted to cosmetic surgeries in adults.

Dr. Dov performs surgical treatment and complete management of several conditions, from the most frequent to the rarest.

  • Congenital deformities of the face, trunk and extremities
  • Cleft Lip and palate
  • Proeminent ears
  • Ear reconstruction (with rib cartilage and porous polyethylene implants),
  • Treatment of congenital nevi (flaps, skin grafts and tissue expansion),
  • Vascular anomalies (hemangiomas, all vascular tumors and vascular malformations)
  • Reconstruction after removal of pediatric tumors
  • Aesthetic Surgeries in adolescents (gynecomastia, breast surgeries)

Since 2011, Dr. Dov has been dedicated to treatment and research in the area of ​​pediatric plastic surgery, with extensive clinical experience and numerous international publications.

This dedication has allowed the creation of a highly specialized team, which acts with updated techniques and specific knowledge, in order to offer the best experience and welcome to patients and their families.

Infantile Hemangioma

It is a vascular tumor of endothelial cells that in normal conditions form the inner portion of blood vessels.


Congenital Nevus

The diagnosis is based on the presence of pigmented skin lesions present since birth.

Ear Surgery

Ear deformities can have a wide variety of clinical presentations.

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